Tim Mezger - The Pacer

Motto: No Drama

Day Job:  Regional Manager at Gulf South Medical Supply

Best Finishes: IM Louisville ‘08: 10:50- 98th overall, IM Kansas ‘09: 4.31- 10th in age group, 73rd overall, IM Kansas ’10: 17th in age group, 108th overall, Trolley Run 2011 - 9th AG, Gobbler Grind 2010 - 4th AG,  Kansas City Triathlon 2009 - 3rd AG, 9th OA, SMT 2008 - 1st AG, 2nd OA.  Jackson County Triathlon 2007 - 1st AG, 2nd OA.  SMT 2007 1st AG, 4th OA.  


James Montalto - The Faster Montalto

Motto: Bike for Show and Run for Dough  

Day Job:  Technology Business Development Manager at OfficeMax Enterprise Solutions

Best Finishes: Hyvee 5150 Championship 2012 - 21st AG, Ironman Kansas 2011 - 9th Ag, KC 5150 Triathlon 2012 - 7th AG, Groundhog Run 2012 - 3rd AG, 2011 Branson Sprint Triathlon - 1st AG, 5th OA, KC Tri 2011 - 6th AG, KC Tri 2010 - 3rd AG, KC Tri 2009 - 7th AG, Kansas City Marathon 2010 - 15th AG, Jackson County Tri 2007 - 2nd AG, 5th OA.


Mark Montalto - The Fast Montalto

Motto:   Run for Dough and Bike for Show

Day Job: Account Executive at OfficeMax Enterprise Solutions


Best Finishes:  HyVee 5150 World Championships 28th Ag, Kansas City Marathon 2012 - 8th AG, Ironman Kansas 2011 - 6th AG, SMT 2011 7th AG, KC Tri 5150 - 12th AG, Groundhog Run 2012 - 2nd AG, Topeka Tin Man 2010 - 4th AG, Kansas City Triathlon 2011 - 9th AG,  Jackson County Triathlon 2007 - 5th AG, Shawnee Mission Triathlon 2007 - 7th AG.




Mark Fleischman - Fitman

Motto: You Only Get to Race The People Who Show Up

Day Job:  Dermatology Surgeon

Training Regimen:  Mark was quoted in Ingrams' Magazine saying "I  have as much difficulty getting out of bed in the morning as anybody,” he said. “The natural human tendency is to be lazy.”  He is a fixture at Raging Bulls Wednesday morning track workouts - 10 minutes late, of course.

Best Finishes: Lincoln Blast -  1st Place AG - Sedalia Duathlon - 1st Place AG 2012, Ingrams' Fittest Executive Under 50 - 2012, Branson Mountain Man - 3rd Place AG, SMT 2012 11th AG, Cerner 15K  2012 - 5th AG, Kansas City Triathlon 2010 - 28th AG, Gobbler Grind 2009 - 5th AG. Kansas City Marathon 2009 - 27th AG,