Luke Wilson- The Hampster aka International Luke

Racing Motto: NFA

Day Job:  Radiologist

Words to Live By: the 5D's. Dedication, Determination, Discipline, Drive and Desire

Best Finishes:

HyVee 5150 World Championship - 2012 - 3rd AG - Ironman 70.3 Branson - 1st AG, KC 5150 Triathlon 2012 - 4th AG, SMT 2012 - 2nd AG, 7th OA, Groundhog Run 2012 - 2nd AG, SMT 2011 - 1st AG - 5th Overall, KC Tri 2011 - 6th AG, Ironman New Orleans 2011 - Age Group 3rd, 58th Overall., Ironman Kansas 2010 - Age Group 3th, Overall 29th., Hyvee Triathlon 2010 - Age Group 4th, Overall 40th.,USAT All American 2010, USAT All American Honorable Mention 2009

Sandy Cohen - The Predator 

sandy run.JPG

Racing Motto: Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever

Day Job:  Marketing Wizard 

Words to Live By:  Life and sports are all about how one responds to wins but more importantly to their losses

Best Finishes: St. Anthony's Triathlon - 5th AG,  KC 5150 Triathlon 2012 - 3rd AG, Missouri Valley Masters Swim Meet - 1st Place AG - Record, Kansas City Marathon 2012 - 4th AG,  Hyvee 5150 Championship - 7th AG, SMT 2012 - 1st AG, Missouri Valley State Record for 1500 and 6th Place - US Masters Nationals, SMT 2011 - 2nd AG - 10OA, KC Tri 2011 - 2nd AG, 1st Place AG M45-59, 10 Overall TriZou 5/1/11, USAT All American 2010 - Honorable Mention.  9/25/10 - USAT Olympic Distance National Championships (I qualified for this) - 11th in M45-49 age group, 8/8/10 - USAT Midwest Regional Olympic Distance Championships (qualifier for Nationals) - 2nd in M45-49 Age Group, 6/20/10 - Corporate Challenge Sprint Triathlon - 1st M45-49, 2nd Overall, 4/18/10 - Ironman New Orleans 70.3 - 15th in M45-49, 4:58:08, 2/21/10 - JCC Indoor Sprint Triathlon - 1st Overall, 3rd consecutive year overall winner, 7/26/09 - Nautica New York City Olympic Distance Triathlon - 5th in M40-44, swam in Hudson River!, 6/28/09 - Hyvee Olympic Distance Triathlon - 4th M40-44, 6/14/10 - Ironman Kansas 70.3 - 4:44:54 - personal best time at Half Ironman distance, 6/7/09 - Corporate Challenge Sprint Triathlon - 1st M40-44, 2nd Overall,  5/17/10 - BikeSource Heritage Park Triathlon - 1st M40-44, 3rd Overall


rileyrunKCtri2011 018.jpg

John Riley - The Survivor

Day Job:  Podiatrist

Motto: Running is overrated

Best Finishes:  US Masters Nationals Swim Meet 2012 - 1st Place 200 Free, KC Tri 2011 - 1st AG, USAT All American 2010, 2011 Bike Source Heritage Park Triathlon, 2nd Place OA, KC Tri 2010 - 1st AG, KC Tri 2009 - 1st AG, Ironman Kansas 2009 - 1st AG, Ironman New Orleans 2009 - 1st AG.

Todd Johnson- Big Johnson


Motto: 53X11

Day Job:  Urologist

Words to Live By: Send the Pain Below

Best Finishes: HyVee 5150 Championship 2012 - 7th AG, SMT 2012 - 6th AG, KC 5150 Triathlon 2012 - 3rd AG, Topeka Tinman 2011 - 3rd AG, 2nd Place AG M45-59, TriZou 5/1/11 2011, Ironman New Orleans - 3rd Place Relay.  7/07 Shawnee Mission Tri 1st Place Clyde 40+, 7/07 Midwest Mayhem Tri 1st Place Clyde 40+, 8/07 Jackson County Tri 1st Place Clyde 40+, 5/09 Bike Source Tri 2nd M45-49, 6/09 Hy-Vee Tri 2nd Place Clyde 40+, 7/09 Nautica NYC Tri 9th M45-49, 4/10 IM NOLA 2nd Place Clyde 40+, 5/10 KC Tri 4th overall short course, 1st M45-49, 8/10 Big Creek Tri 3rd M45-49 


Jason FitzhughFitz

Day Job:  President, Sales and Marketing for Gemaco, Inc.

Motto:   You know you are having fun if it HURTS!!!

Sage Advice:    Never take yourself too seriously and don't forget to treat yourself to a good burger, some greasy fries and at least 2 cold beers after those tough Bulls rides.

Best Finishes:  Nautica South Beach Triathlon 2012 - 1st Place OA, St. Anthony's Triathlon 2012 - 1st Place Groundhog Run 2012 - 1st AG, KC Tri 5150 - 2012 - 2nd AG, 9th OA, 2012 Lake Stevens Triathlon - 4th AG, Missouri Valley Masters Swim Meet 2012 - 2nd AG, Ironman Branson 2012 - 1st AG, 19OA,  2012 Amramco Houston Half Marathon - 10th Place AG, 2011 Gobbler Grind - 3rd Place AG, 2011 Rhoto Ironman 70.3 Miami - 5th Place AG, 2011 USAT Age Group Nationals - 21st AG, 2011 Miami International Triathlon - 4th AG, 2009 Ultramax Triathlon - 1st AG, 6th OA,  2008 Toyota US Open Triathlon - 1st AG, 5th OA, 2007 KC Marathon 1st AG, 6th OA.


Jim Myers - Sonny

Quote:  Does my aero helmet make my ass look fat?  

Motto:  If it doesn't make you want to quit, you aren't doing it right

Day Job:  Trial Lawyer at Shaffer Lombardo Shurin PC

Best Finishes: 2012 Hyvee 5150 - 3rd AG, SMT 2012 - 2nd AG, KCTRI 2012 - 17th AG, 2011 Ironman Arizona  10:59 (65th AG), 2011 Ironman Branson - 18th Age Group, 2011 SMT Short Course 2nd Age Group,  2011 Ironman Kansas - 39th AG - 5:15, 2011 KC Tri - 14th AG, 2009 Jackson County (short course) - 2nd - Age Group, 2009 Midwest Meltdown – 3rd Overall; 1st Age Group, 2010 Topeka Tinman – 10th Overall; 2nd - Age Group, KC Multisport Time Trial Series Champion 2010. 2011 OZ Half Marathon - Age Group 2nd, Overall 15th.


Bob Schloegel - Bob

Quote:  A beer would be good, or another 50 miles - whatever.

Motto: Pretend there is some good Kansas gravel at Hawi

Day Job:  Pediatric Physician

Best Finishes: Bob has raced in the Ironman World Championships in Kona 13 times.  He has a PR of 4:09 at the 70.3 distance and  9:24 for a full Ironman.

Malfer 3.jpg

Mike Malfer - Lil' Macca

Quote:  I'm a loaner, Dotty - a rebel!

Motto: Fear the ankle tatoo!

Day Job:  Seriously?

Best Finishes: Mike is a consistent qualifier for the 70.3 World Championships, and boasts PRs of 4:33 at the 70.3 distance and 10:14 for a full Ironman.



John Oliveros - The Cuban Missile

Motto:   Never Trust a Fart After Mile 50

Day Job:  Sales Director at National Registered Agents, Inc.


Sage Advice:    Accept What You Cannot Change - Change What You Cannot Accept

Best Finishes:   Topeka Tinman 2012 - 3rd AG, SMT 2012 - 3rd AG, Kansas City Marathon 2012 - 7th AG, 2012 Gobbler Grind - 3rd AG, 2011 Gobbler Grind - 11th AG,  KC 5150 Triathlon 2012 - 22AG, 2011 Ironman 70.3 Miami - 95th AG, 2011 Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 37th AG, Groundhog Run 2012 - 5th AG. 


Steve Cosentino - COZ

Motto:  No Hills, No Heat, No Dice. 

Day Job:  Technology, IP and Business Lawyer at Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP

Sage Advice:  Check the middle pocket?  

Best Finishes:  Heritage Park Triathlon 2012 - 2nd AG, LAKC Run for Justice 5k 2012 - 1st AG, 4OA, Groundhog Run 2012 - 14th AG, 2011 Ironman Kansas - 34th AG - 5:10; 2011 Ironman Arizona 12:11, 2011 SMT 6th AG, 2011 Jackson County - 3rd AG, 2011 KC Tri - 20th AG, 2011 BikeSource Heritage Park Triathlon - 7th Age Group, 19th Overall, 2011 Southwest Valley Regional YMCA Olympic Triathlon - 2nd Age Group, 8th Overall, 2010 Midwest Mayhem - 2nd - Age Group, 2010 Jackson County (long course) - 7th Age Group, 2010 Midwest Meltdown – 6th - Age Group, 2010 LAKC Run for Justice 5K - 1st Age Group. 


 Tony Zink - Z

Motto: If it weren't for Italian Wine and Belgian Cheese, I'd Be Unstoppable

Day Job:  Cardiologist

Best Finishes:  Ironman Kansas 2011 - 8th AG, Ironman Branson 2011 - 6th AG, Escape from Alcatraz 2012 - 48th AG, Kansas City Triathlon 2011 - 6th AG, Kansas City Marathon 2010 - 10th AG, HyVee Triathlon 2010 - 11th AG, Kansas City Triathlon 2010 - 5th AG, Ironman New Orleans 2010 - 2nd AG, 


Pat Donnelly Wild Turkey

Motto: Aging But Still Raging  

Day Job:  Physician

 Best Finishes: Hyvee 5150 Championship 2012 - 8th AG, SMT 2012 - 1st AG,  KC 5150 Triathlon 2012 - 2nd AG, Topeka Tinman 2012 - 1st AG, Escape From Alcratraz 2012 - 8th AG, Kansas City Marathon 5k 2012 - 1st AG  100th tri last year-can't remember most of them, 2011 Topeka Tinman 1st AG, 2011 KC Tri - 1st AG, 2011 SMT 1st AG, 2011 Jackson County 1st AG


Tim Mezger - The Pacer

Motto: No Drama

Day Job:  Regional Manager at Gulf South Medical Supply

Best Finishes: IM Louisville ‘08: 10:50- 98th overall, IM Kansas ‘09: 4.31- 10th in age group, 73rd overall, IM Kansas ’10: 17th in age group, 108th overall, Trolley Run 2011 - 9th AG, Gobbler Grind 2010 - 4th AG,  Kansas City Triathlon 2009 - 3rd AG, 9th OA, SMT 2008 - 1st AG, 2nd OA.  Jackson County Triathlon 2007 - 1st AG, 2nd OA.  SMT 2007 1st AG, 4th OA.  


James Montalto - The Faster Montalto

Motto: Bike for Show and Run for Dough  

Day Job:  Technology Business Development Manager at OfficeMax Enterprise Solutions

Best Finishes: Hyvee 5150 Championship 2012 - 21st AG, Ironman Kansas 2011 - 9th Ag, KC 5150 Triathlon 2012 - 7th AG, Groundhog Run 2012 - 3rd AG, 2011 Branson Sprint Triathlon - 1st AG, 5th OA, KC Tri 2011 - 6th AG, KC Tri 2010 - 3rd AG, KC Tri 2009 - 7th AG, Kansas City Marathon 2010 - 15th AG, Jackson County Tri 2007 - 2nd AG, 5th OA.


Mark Montalto - The Fast Montalto

Motto:   Run for Dough and Bike for Show

Day Job: Account Executive at OfficeMax Enterprise Solutions

Best Finishes:  HyVee 5150 World Championships 28th Ag, Kansas City Marathon 2012 - 8th AG, Ironman Kansas 2011 - 6th AG, SMT 2011 7th AG, KC Tri 5150 - 12th AG, Groundhog Run 2012 - 2nd AG, Topeka Tin Man 2010 - 4th AG, Kansas City Triathlon 2011 - 9th AG,  Jackson County Triathlon 2007 - 5th AG, Shawnee Mission Triathlon 2007 - 7th AG.


Brad Meara 

Motto: When over the hill, pick up the cadence

Day Job:  MD at Schumacher Group

Best Finishes: 2010 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier and Finisher, 2008 Waddell & Reed Kansas City Half Marathon 3rd Place - Age Group; finisher of 10 Ironman 70.3 races and Ironman Louisville.


Chris Bowser 

Motto: Every Race is a Triage

Day Job:  MD - Emergency Medicine 

Best Finishes: SMT 2012 - 11th AG, Cowboy Up Triathlon 2012, Kansas City Triathlon 2010 - 10th Place AG, Ironman New Orleans, SMT 2007 - 3rd Place AG. Jackson County Triathlon 2007 - 9th Place AG


Tim Bruck

Motto: Bruck Up 

Day Job:  District Sales Manager at GlaxoSmithKline and Owner, Bruck Properties LLC

Best Finishes:  Ironman Kansas, Ironman New Orleans, Kansas City Triathlon


Rick Pysher - The Godfather

Motto: No Such Thing as Winter  

Day Job:  Chief Operating Officer at Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc.

Best Finishes:  Dirty Kanza 2012


Whitt Plunkett

Motto: Don't Look Back  

Day Job:  Sales Manager-Sprint at Alcatel-Lucent

Best Finishes: Ironman 70.3 New Orleans


Blake Spencer - Nails

Motto: Aero is for the Weak

Day Job:  Insurance Executive at Charles D. Williams & Co

Best Finishes: 2011 Manions - 5th Place CAT 4, 6 of 255 overall - KC CUP -CAT 4, 9 of 244 overall - Manions - CAT 3/4*, KC Tri 2009 - 2nd Place AG, 10th OA, SMT 2008 - 2nd Place AG, 7th OA, SMT 2007 - 4th Place AG, Jackson County Triathlon 2006 - 4th AG.

*Chain broke with 1/4 mile left -  Blake ran to the finish with bike in tow


Brett Spencer - Zone 2 

Motto: Knees, Hips, who Needs Em!

2011 "A" Races: Injured Reserve

2011 "B" Races: Injured Reserve 

Best Finishes: Kansas City Triathlon 2009 - 1st Place - Division, Jackson County Triathlon 2008 - 3rd AG, Jackson County Triathlon 2007 - 2nd AG, Jackson County Triathlon 2006 - 9th OA.  


Hal Shapiro - Euro Hal

Motto: There's More Italian Carbon Where That Came From

Day Job:  Owner Walker Uniform Company

Training Regimen:   Hal provides inspirational training guidance to the team with repeated cycling trips to Italy, Colorado and Arizona. 

Best Finishes:  Leading finish Ancala - Carefree - Ancala - severe weather ride 2011. King of the Mountains - Boulder Training Mini-Camp - 2010, Loop the Loop for Kids


Doug Campbell - Boulder Dash

Motto:  Just sit on my wheel, Wes. 

Day Job:  Partner Fountain Capital

Best Finishes:  Jackson County Triathlon 2007 - 1st AG, 9th OA,  SMT 2007 - 2nd AG, SMT 2003 - 2nd AG, Heritage Park Triathlon 2003 - 1st AG, 9th OA.


Mike Somers -  The Titanium Man

Motto: 3 Water Bottles and a Camelback - Ready to Go

Day Job:   Ophthalmologist at Somers Eye Care

Training Regimen:   Road, Mountain, Cross, Swim - does it all.  

Best Finishes:  Dirty Kanza 2012, State Line Road Race - 39th in Cat 4, Kansas City Triathlon 2012 - 3rd AG, Kansas City Triathlon 2010 - 7th AG, Kansas City Triathlon 2009 - 5th AG, Jackson County Triathlon 2007 - 6th AG.

eddboulder 2012-3.JPG

Edd Pineda - Breakaway Edd

Motto: Ride your own miles and make your own beer!

Training Regimen:   Impromptu interval training. 

Best Finishes:  Dirty Kanza 2012 27th Place CAT 4 State Line Road Road Race, Farmhouse Classic 2012


Mark Fleischman - Fitman

Motto: You Only Get to Race The People Who Show Up

Day Job:  Dermatology Surgeon

Training Regimen:  Mark was quoted in Ingrams' Magazine saying "I  have as much difficulty getting out of bed in the morning as anybody,” he said. “The natural human tendency is to be lazy.”  He is a fixture at Raging Bulls Wednesday morning track workouts - 10 minutes late, of course.

Best Finishes: Lincoln Blast -  1st Place AG - Sedalia Duathlon - 1st Place AG 2012, Ingrams' Fittest Executive Under 50 - 2012, Branson Mountain Man - 3rd Place AG, SMT 2012 11th AG, Cerner 15K  2012 - 5th AG, Kansas City Triathlon 2010 - 28th AG, Gobbler Grind 2009 - 5th AG. Kansas City Marathon 2009 - 27th AG,