Montalto Brothers Swim Through Adversity to Excel at Ironman Wisconsin

The swim didn’t start so well for Jimmy Montalto at Ironman Wisconsin. Gina Montalto reported, “Jimmy’s goggles broke early in the swim so he hurt his back swimming trying to keep his face above water.” Jimmy adjusted well as Gina reported during the race, “He’s hurting but pushing through on the run. Hopefully, he’ll loosen it up and come back on the run.” That he did, finishing with a time of 11:23:04 consisting of a swim of 1:06:29, a bike of 5:40:44 and a run of 4:25:27 for 28th in his age group. He didn’t, however, come back enough to best his brother, Mark Montalto, who finished in 10:56:58 with a swim of 1:06:29, a bike of 5:36:00, and a run of 4:04:40. Mark took 18th in his age group. Nice job boys. Outstanding effort working through the goggle challenge and carrying all of that beard weight for 10 plus hours. Fellow bull, Jim Myers, may be upset that Jimmy used his original head out of the water swimming style that he perfected at the Jackson County Triathlon over ten years ago. Jimmy may need to visit Bulls’ official eye doctor, Mike Sommers, after all that goggle free time in the reservoir. Get well soon wishes to our fellow Bull, Sam Kukendall, for a speedy recovery after a serious bike crash Thursday involving a grossly negligent young driver.

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