Greig DeBow, Coz and Edd Pineda Race in the Perry Lake Road Race State Category Championships - Cosponsored by the Bulls

May 12th was the the start of it's summer time in KC. This effected all of the racers across the board. Social media was lighting up with stories of cramps in this race. The Bulls cosponsoring this race also allowed the team to experience giveback to the cycling community and putting on a great event in the process with the race director and the other cosponsors. Coz raced in CAT 5 taking 7th place.  Greig raced in Masters 40+ taking 4th place. Edd raced in Maters 50+ taking 4th place.

Grip N Rip had the numbers, there's strength in numbers...not this time. Bike Shack numbering 2 started the yo-yo attacks from the start whistle.. About 8 miles in one of the Bike Shack guys took off and the group let him go thinking he would not last by him self for the remaining 50 miles. That left the rest of the group including the Women CAT1,2,3 group what we were racing with. Within the first 3 miles of the second lap the remaining group split due to a hard surge up a hill leaving 6 in the chase group (5 guys {the other Bike Shack rider} and 1 gal). Half way through the second lap Edd convinced the group that it was time to catch the break away Bike Shack rider. Through the effort required to catch the break away rider and the heat, riders started falling off leaving 3 guy chasers. Going into the second to the final turn about 1 mile from the finish the group caught the break away rider.