Edd Takes First at Missouri State Time Trial Championship


Edd Pineda and Steve Cosentino made the trek to Centralia, Missouri for the 2018 Missouri State Championship Time Trial on August 4.  The duo was a bit worried that the weight of COZ's time trial bike (with Jim Myers' original Renn FiveSevenFive disc) coupled with Bob Schloegel's Kona special Cervelo triathlon bike borrowed by Edd would cause the front wheels of COZ's Fiat to lift off the ground.  Nonetheless, the two did make it to the race intact.  

On a windy day with a tad bumpy TT course, Edd ran away from the pack taking first place in the Masters 50-54 race  with a time of 1:00:39 on the 25 mile course.  Edd's victory was so outstanding that he scared the others off of the podium.  Unfortunately, because Edd is a resident of the State of Kansas, he was not crowned the Missouri State Time Trial Champion in his age group.  That distinction went to a guy he beat.  COZ was happy not to podium because it would have made public the fact that he resides in Kansas.