Greig and Edd Launch the 2018 Season with Podium Finishes at Perry Dam


While both Greig and Edd missed the 1st week of the 3 race series, they ended up on the podium for Masters 40+ and Masters 50+ for the series overall. The excitement centered around race 3 of the series. Unlike race 2, the officials grouped the Master 40+, 50+ and 60+ together, giving Greig and Edd the opportunity to race together. This grouping turned out to be an advantage for both the Bike Shack Team and the Bulls. The course is a 5 mile circuit race with a 1/2 mile hill at the end of the circuit. Half way up the hill on lap 3, two CAT 2 Bike Shack team members made a break. The rest of the group thought they wouldn't stay away, but we were wrong, so it became a race for 3rd overall. On the final lap coming out of turn two, a Bike Shack rider had a small gap which Edd quickly bridged. Looking back Edd noticed that Greig had quickly moved to the front of the remaining group and had slowed the group down to allow the gap to grow slightly. With this gap, Edd wound it up and dropped the Bike Shack rider giving Edd a clean 3rd place overall race finish and a 2nd place AG finish for that race. Greig ensured that he captured a 2nd place AG finish for the race. When the points for the series were totaled, Greig and Edd had 3rd place for their age groups. Nice riding, boys!