Pineda and Debow Kick off 2017 Cycling Season in Stealth Mode

After a nasty early season injury, no one thought Edd Pineda would factor in to the early 2017 race season.  Not so.  Edd and fellow bull, Greig Debow have taken on the 2017 season by force.  A recap of recent races is below.

March 26th, 2017 Perry Dam Road Race

On a cool Spring morning at Perry Lake Dam the air was heavy and the wind was brisk. Greig Debow and Edd Pineda were starting their 2017 race season. The Masters 40+ group was descent sized relative to the total race attendees. The course presented to Greig and Edd was a circuit of 5 miles with 6 laps. The finish was a two stage up hill that seemed more gravel than pavement. After an early solo break away on lap 2 and a solo chase on lap 3, the rest of the group realized that for them it was a race for 3rd. The rest of the laps the group settled into a groove waiting for the last climb to the finish line. As the group rounded the last corner to the final climb, the group as a whole seemed to have a half hearten "sprint" to the finish. Greig placed 7th and Edd placed 10th.

April 9th, 2017 Bazaar Road Race

Bazaar Kansas is a patch of dirt somewhere between Cottonwood Falls and Cassoday on Highway 177. If you recognize those names you know that it's DK (Dirty Kanza) country. Both Cottonwood Falls and Cassoday have been stops for the DK. Since this is DK country wind is also a huge factor. While the temperatures were mild that early afternoon, the wind started out at 22 mph and increased to 26 mph by the end of the race. The course for this race was an out and back on highway 177 with mild rollers. The first 16 miles were into the wind, then 24 miles of tail wind and the final 8 miles were back into the wind. Edd knew that this would be a challenging race as team play would be present and Edd was without Greig for this event. At the starting gun the group started out at a blistering 10 mph. The group was trying to size each other up and trying to figure out who would take that first pull into the wind. About 12 miles into the race there was a break from the team that had two team members that no one covered. Edd collaborated with the team that had three riders to have the group work on pulling the break away rider back in to the fold. About 1 mile after the turn around point the group caught the break away rider. Half way into the 24 miles into the tail wind there was another break attempt. Three riders from the group including Edd were able to cover the break. That was the last time the break away group saw the rest of the riders. Five miles before the turn around for the 8 mile death march back into the wind there was a break attempt that Edd and another rider could not cover. Leaving 2 and 2 ahead of the main group. Edd ended up with 4th place.

April 22nd, 2017 Bruce Edwards Time Trial

This 10K TT was in Easton Kansas which is just outside Leavenworth Kansas. The course for this event was an out and back with 6K into the wind and 4K with a tail wind. Edd raced this event in the Merckx class. Despite having a couple of CAT1 racers in the Merckx class Edd was able to get a 5th place finish.

May 28th, 2017 Jesse Blancarte Time Trial

This 10K TT was at the Gardner air park. The course for this event was an out and back. Greig joined Edd for this event. For this event Greig and Edd borrowed team members' rockets (TT bikes). Both Greig and Edd raced two 10Ks back to back. For Greig the first 10K was CAT4 where he placed 2nd on Bob's TT bike. While Edd's first 10K was CAT5 where he placed 2nd on Jim's TT bike. Edd's loss to 1st was by .09 seconds. For the second TT both Greig and Edd raced in Masters 40-49 where Greig had a finishing time good enough for 6th place while Edd had a finishing time good enough for 5th place. Greig and Edd now understand how the Tri guys can cruse along so quickly on the TT bikes.