COZ Competes in Highest Triathlon in the World

With an inflated ego after a strong climb of 14k+ ft Mount Evans on the recent Raging Bulls training trip to Boulder, Steve Cosentino thought it would be a good idea to sign up for the inaugural 106 West Dillon Triathlon, billed as the Highest Triathlon in the World.  Altitude was not a problem for the Kansan* but cold sure was.  The morning outside temperature was 32 degrees with a water temp in 9016ft Lake Dillon at 57 degrees.  That seemed like a generous temperature reading as COZ's legs cramped immediately after the wetsuit was removed and his feet remained numb for the first half of the bike.  COZ enjoyed the beautiful scenery with two climbs above 10,000 feet from Lake Dillon past the Keystone Ski Resort to Montezuma. By the second lap, the wind picked up, making the downhill a virtual uphill and causing COZ to regret his decision to go road bike.  The temperatures also changed for the better with run temperatures in the 70's.  A forty degree swing in one race.  COZ battled the elements and finished the race, earning his cowboy hat and belt buckle.**

*COZ will not admit to being a Kansan.  He points to the legal definition of "residency" which is the intent to remain indefinitely and the Mizzou Tiger fan definitely does not intend to remain in Kansas.

**We cannot release COZ's actual race results as they are under a routine audit by the USAT.  He says he will release the race results when the audit has concluded.