Montalto's Turn in Strong Performance at Ironman Boulder

Jimmy Montalto had a stellar race at Ironman Boulder, taking 9th in his age group with a time of 10:12:41.  Mark Montalto also performed well, 43rd place with a time of 11:47:11.  Those who follow Montalto family racing might wonder why the big gap this year when these two are often neck and neck in their triathlons and running races.  Looking at this picture, many of you may think that it was the beard that doomed Mark in this race, or perhaps that Papa Montalto, also pictured, always knew that Jimmy was his favorite twin.  Put that speculation aside, Mark had a running injury and little opportunity to run before the race.  He still turned in a respectable time.  Nice job to La Famiglia Montalti.

The Bulls express their deepest sympathy to the family of Michelle Walters, an Ironman triathlete who was struck by a car and killed in the Ironman Boulder event.