Elder Bull Out Performs the Rest of the Kona Bound Pack at Vineman

Sometimes you travel to have a great race.  Sometimes you travel to have a great time.  The latest Bulls trip was a combination of both.  Jason Fitzhugh, Mike Malfer, Luke Wilson and Jim Myers trekked out to wine country for Ironman 70.3 Vineman.  With all four qualified for this year's Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, the rest of the Bulls were at home, eagerly awaiting the results of this race.  Malfer was an early victim, crashing on the bike and ending up with a rare DNF and a lot of road rash.  Good thing there was plenty of wine on hand.  A betting man might naturally chose youth as the likely victor, but on this day, age and wisdom won out.  Jason Fitzhugh lead the pack with a time of 4:36:46, taking third place in his division.  Jason is now ranked Number 1 in his age group among Ironman AWA triathletes in the United States and 7th in the world. Meanwhile, Jim and Luke finished with identical times of 4:44:52, in clear violation of the Raging Bulls motto "Every Man Left Behind".  According to Myers, "Malfer crashed - as usual, Fitzhugh was on the podium, as usual.  Myers and Wilson flaked out on the run - as usual - and ran the last 7 miles together."