Bulls Tackle Fourteener on Annual Boulder Trip

The annual Raging Bulls and friends trip to Boulder took an interesting vertical twist this year.  Most of the crew went a day early and decided to ride Mount Evans, the highest paved road in North America to a summit of 14,130 feet.  They faced mountain goats, animals jumping out of potholes in the middle of the road and, of course, crazy thin air.  After Steve Cosentino was disqualified for starting ten miles from Idaho Springs, rookie Bull, Sam Kuykendall, was first to the summit. The rest of the group finished strong, albeit with some wooziness from the thin air.

The Mount Evans climb was followed by the usual Boulder excursions, with an added challenge due to construction on Left Hand Canyon.  The Friday ride to Ward required a challenging start up the very hilly Lee Hill Road.  The group handled the challenge well, tackling three more days of extensive vertical fueled in part by home-brew masterfully created by Edd Pineda and Jason Phillips.  King of the Mountains was never in doubt as Doug Campbell showed his climbing prowess throughout the trip.  In a newly created category, King of the Mountains - Clydesdale Division, friend of the Bulls, Mark Cole emerged as the champ, closely followed by Jim Myers.