Zink and Donnelly Escape From Alcatraz Again, Schloegel Wins Age Group

Tony Zink and Pat Donnelly once again traversed the frigid, shark infested waters of San Francisco Bay to compete in the 2016 Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon on Sunday, June 12.  Tony had a 44:30 swim time followed by a 1:05:15 bike and a 1:11:06 run.  He must have had some wine and cheese between segments, however, posting an 8:19 in T1.  Tony's overall time was 3:12:28, 34th in his age group.  Pat Donnelly, another Alcatraz veteran, swam 55:03, biked 1:20:51 and ran 1:23:23 for an overall time of 3:51:19, 5th in his age group.  Pat spent 8:50 in T1, evidently they had a bourbon option as well.  This race does have its twists, with a sand ladder segment where Pat had a 3:57 and Tony a 3:39. Even more impressive, Donnelly suffered a broken derailleur cable.  Meanwhile, Bob Schloegel won his age group on "a brother in law's piece of crap bike" according to Zink.  He "smoked the hardest swim in triathlon."  Bob had a 38:49 swim, a 1:00:04 bike, a 2:47 sand ladder and a run of 56:11 for an overall time of 2:44:07.  Congrats, guys.  You have to be a strong swimmer to get through that race.