Fitzhugh's "Ironman" Debut at Texas Results in a KQ!

Jason Fitzhugh set off to accomplish one thing in his first Ironman - qualify for the World Championships at Kona and qualify he did.  Jason took 3rd place at Ironman Texas and will accompany Myers, Wilson and Malfer to the big island.  While some may dispute that the controversial course counts as an Ironman, given Jason's blistering pace of 26.56 mph, he certainly did the 96 mile bike course justice.  Ironman Texas was modified this year to adjust to anti bike concerns in the area north of the Woodlands.  Ironman KC anyone?   

Mike Malfer took 17th in the 40-44 division.  He likewise had a crazy fast bike at 27.60 mph.  His final time was 8:54:10, just 32 seconds ahead of Jason's time of 8:54:42.