Wilson, Fitzhugh and Myers Clock Strong Performance at Ironman World Championships

Luke Wilson led the Bulls with a 10:03:32 at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Luke had a swim of 1:02:47, a bike of 5:07:51 and a run of 3:44:09.  He was followed close behind by Jason Fitzhugh who finished in 10:06:25, good enough for 15th place in his division.  Jason had a swim of 1:04:59, a bike of 5:25:45 and a run of 03:27:16.  Veteran Kona Qualifier, Jim Myers, fell victim to an unfortunate series of bike mishaps when a female triathlete tried to pass him two miles into the bike.  Myers was pushed into the passing triathlete causing his pedal to tangle with her bike.  Jim went down, but since it was on a slight incline, he experienced no physical injuries.  The crash, however, caused him to lose his carefully planned nutrition (and, no doubt, some mold) from the hydration reservoir of his bike.  Those who know Myers well understand that he plans his race nutrition like his closing argument in trial.  He hit the wall on mile 70 and puked tons of Gatorade endurance formula around mile 1.5 of the run.  Myers was able to rebound and posted a solid 3:45 run, finishing the race in 10:39.  Myers said, "Losing sucks.  I've determined I'm not very good at it.*  Going 10:39 and being last out of our training group of 4 says a lot about the guys we train with.  Salty group."

*Jim - you are a Tiger - you are great at losing.  Training hard, giving it your all and having your hopes dashed on a fluke crash, that is what being a Tiger is all about! - sincerely, disenchanted webmaster watching too much Mizzou football.

**Luke winning does not make this a KU football victory.  It's just an analogy.