Carey Takes 3rd and Zink Takes the Cheese at Ironman Wisconsin

In his first full Ironman as a Bull, Mark Carey took 3rd place in his division and 12th overall in a stellar performance in Madison.  He swam a 57:54 biked a 5:15:46, and ran a 3:35:28 for a total time of 9:46:36.  Awesome job on a tough course. 

Tony's wife, affectionately referred to as Girl Toni, probably said it best in her recent Facebook post.  "22 years ago this day, Tony Zink, lay in a coma and on a ventilator in the ICU at Grady Memorial Hospital. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, collapsed lung, and broken hip. Tomorrow, he will be competing in his 3rd Ironman."  Well, boy Tony did compete in that 3rd Ironman and did a fine job, indeed.   Tony had a great swim finishing in 1:05:13.    He followed that with a near 20mph average bike of 5:46 on a very hilly and challenging IMOO course through Wisconsin dairyland.   He ran a 4:40 marathon to finish with an overall time of 11:43:29 good enough for 22nd in his age group and 379th overall.

Those who know Tony well will recognize this as a minor miracle.  Sure, Tony has been working hard training all year.  Sure he has completed Ironman races before.  But to race for nearly 12 hours in cheese land without stopping for a Cabernet and some nice aged Gouda had to be a killer for Zink, who listed his profession in his Ironman profile as "Culinary Arts." 

The Bulls also wish to congratulate local phenom, Kelly Dippold who took first in her division and 4th overall with a time of 10:35:09.