Coz Returns to Homeland for Ironman Italy 70.3

A hot and hilly course combined with a little too much Italian lifestyle made for a challenging race for Steve Cosentino at Ironman 70.3 Italy in Pescara on the Adriatic Sea.   The race began at Noon, because the Italians cannot be bothered to get up any earlier.  That made for a virtual inferno on the picturesque bike course through the Italian hills of Abruzzo. After long climbs, villagers at the top would yell "Vai, Vai and Forza Forza!."  With 20 kilometers left, Coz crashed in a roundabout.  A bystander gave a gesture as if to say "Typical American, crashing in the roundabout."  COZ managed to regain his composure and get his bike working again enough to make it through the bike and run courses in time for a big Italian dinner (we won't mention how late the Italians eat).  After the race, Coz exalaimed "Questo Corso mi ha fatto la sua puttana.  Merde!"  (That course made me its _ _ _ _.  Golly!)