Montaltos Dominate the Podium at KC Tri

Since the Montalto Brothers, Jimmy and Mark, are used to pacing events like the KC Marathon, it is no surprise that they finished within a couple of minutes of each other.  At the KC Triathlon on May 17, Jimmy Montalto, the good looking Montalto brother, was also the faster Montalto, edging out Mark with a time of 2:22:54 to his 2:24:47.  The two took 1st and 3rd respectively in their age group.  Nice work.  The duo suspiciously had bike times of 1:08:04 and 1:08:13 for a nice average of 21.9 on a day with 20 plus mph winds. When asked whether there was any drafting going on, Mark commented "I wouldn't draft off of that chump, that crazy fauxhawk hairdo he has is a big drag on his aero." 

Meanwhile, Pat Donnelly took 3rd in his age group, being paced on the run by fellow Bull COZ.  The relay team 810 Sports took first place and included two bulls, race founder Sandy Cohen on the swim and Todd Johnson on the bike.  Todd averaged 22.8 which was an outstanding effort given the wind conditions and his rather un-aero like build.