Luke and Myers Podium at Louisville - Kona Bound in 2016

While Kona qualification was old hat for Ironman World Championship veteran Jim Myers, the Big Island remained but a distant dream for his sidekick Luke Wilson who has faced numerous setbacks from injuries to excessive sweating to just plain getting Malfered in Texas last year.  With a solid field of area athletes gunning for him, Luke made a major statement in Kentucky, taking First Place in the Men's 40-44 Age Group and 8th Overall followed close behind by Jim Myers who took 4th and 37th respectively.  Luke finished in 9:32:55 with a 58:51 swim, a 5:05:31 bike and a 3:20:05 run.  Jim finished in 9:58:26 with a 1:07:34 swim, a 5:07:39 bike and a 3:33:19 run.  Luke and Myers are the first Bulls to qualify for Kona in 2016.  Good to see them celebrating in Pat Donnelly style with a little whiskey. Congrats!