Montaltos Choo Choo Their Way to the Top 25 at Ironman Chattanooga

Although the Montalto brothers definitely keep it legal in their races, their close proximity to each other no doubt helps contribute to their outstanding performances.  Both placed in the top 25 of their age group at Ironman Chattanooga on September 27.  Jimmy took 19th in his division with a 10:13:35.  Mark took 23rd with a 10:23:25.  The brothers exchanged places at each stage of the race.  Jimmy lead the swim with a 53:55.  Mark was drafting close behind with a 54:17.  On the bike, Mark surged ahead with a 5:25:29 on the bike averaging 21:38.  Jimmy posted a 5:27:03.  On the run, Jimmy turned it on with a 3:45:26for 8:36 m/mi.  Mark was close behind, running a 3:55:28.  Congrats to the Montaltos, following in the footsteps of the Bulls' Spencer brothers, albeit with a little less drama and disturbing text messages.