Myers is Kona Bound!

Jim Myers appeared to be motivated enough by chasing after a speedo clad Barry Ogden to catapult himself to 8th place on a day where they were talking about having to cancel the run because of the heat.  His time of 10:08 12 was good enough for 8th in his division, 57th overall and more importantly, a spot at the World Championships in Kona.  He had a swim of 1:02:54 (was that really Jim?), a bike of 5:04:38 and a run of 3:51:01 – all on a ridiculously hot and humid day.

This was a 50+ minute PR for him over his Arizona Ironman on a course that was as easy as this one was hard.  A lot of the credit for this accomplishment goes to Luke Wilson who trained him up proper. Luke, who was unable to participate in Louisville because of a foot condition, notwithstanding self-administered cortisone shots,  fixed that with a rigorous adherence to a very challenging training plan.  Looks like Kona will have to be the place where we finally settle this Purple Patch v. EN debate.    Congratulations, Jim.

*Don't let the 70.3 banner behind Jim fool you.  He is going to the real deal, not some little half Ironman World Championship (oh wait, he is going there too).