Bob and Coz Compete in First Non-Rain-Out of the Year

While the Bulls have been tearing it up at the Ironman and 70.3 distance this year, mother nature has stood in the way of many of the shorter events.  Notwithstanding a sketchy forecast, Sunday proved to be a great day weather wise and the Jackson County Triathlon actually happened. Bob Schloegel took 1st in his age group and 5th place overall with a 2:02:43.  Coz, meanwhile, added to his list of bad swim lame excuses with a diagonal swim to the wrong buoy corrected after being chased down by a lifeguard.  The lippy Italian also wrote a check he could not cash on the run.  After being passed by Patrick Beasley with 1.5 miles left he re-passed Beasley while exclaiming "You wanna earn it?" COZ held a frantic pace for the next mile, extolling his victory when Beasley stopped at the last aid station ala Dave Scott in the Iron War.  Alas, Beasley caught COZ in the last quarter mile and COZ's attempted sprint fell short (no pun intended).  He finished in 8th place ag with a 2:21:30.