Both Montaltos in Top 20 at Ironman Boulder

boulder montaltos.jpg

Ok, so that is not too much of a surprise, where there is one Montalto, there is usually another right alongside.  However, the gap of 12 minutes in this race is probably larger than the cumulative gap on all of their other races in the last couple of years.  Nice work Jimmy and, of course Mark, for making the Bulls proud in our training ground of Boulder, Colorado.  Mark had the lead into T2 with a swim of 1:03:02 to Jimmy's 1:04:46.  Jimmy gained momentum on the bike with a 5:24:45 to Mark's 5:26:34.  Jimmy's 3:42:54 run and 10:21:28 overall time was good for 12th place in his age group and 48th place overall.  Mark finished in 18th place age group with a stellar time of 10:33:56. We can cut Mark a little slack, though.  Pushing a stroller on the run can certainly take it out of you.


Boulder Stroller 2.jpg