A Gravel Adventure at the Dirty Kanza 2014

The 2014 DK was quite the adventure for the Bulls. Bob did the team well. He took 5th place overall in the DK 100 with a time of 6:37:16. That time also include a flat late in the game. Edd and Brett took 32nd and 34th overall in the DK100 with 7:10:31 and 7:10:39. Edd was plagued with 3 flats this year. Blake (a/k/a "New Blake") and his Lawrence friends rode their "Friday ride pace" giving Blake 44th overall in the DK100 with a time of 7:32:51. Yes, Brett had a beer and a sandwich before Blake finished the race. In fact, Brett finished with enough time for a shower, foregoing the brotherly bath tradition. Rick after an early flat joined Mark Schloegel to burn up the course to regroup with the leaders. Over a raised cattle guard and into a turn Mark took Rick's line causing Rick to cross wheels with Mark. Rick, being made of steel, was back on his bike within 30 seconds. They were off again to chase the leaders. Ten minutes later, down a hill and starting up the next hill, Rick tried to master wheel to wheel contact with Mark again, but lost that battle and went down hard. Rick hopped right back up again, but this time he broke his rear derailleur. All of this adventure took place in the early miles of the race. Rick opted not to go with a single speed, but with a beer on his deck.


Last, but not least by far is The Titanium Man, The Sultan of Sweat aka Mike Somers finished 27th AG in the DK200 with a time of 16:30:22. This time is a bit deceptive. At mile 60 of the 204 mile race he said this is not hard enough. So, he rode the remaining 144 miles of the race with a single speed of 50/15. He also decided that water bottle cages were over rated and removed those. Finally, he said I need a beat to grove to, so he went with a beat box to the rattle of a loose front wheel.