Myers Takes No Prisoners - Qualifies for World Championship

2014 was looking to be a lost season for Jim Myers, just like the Kansas City Royals.  With aspirations of joining Luke and Coz in a 2 Ironman season, Jim built a Pain Cave in his basement and set off to training in earnest.  Those hopes were derailed when Jim, neglected to follow Beginner Triathlete Rule #1 - sign up for your race in time (IMTX).  And, thus, Jim's season began in a state of "DNS", his hard earned wattage numbers having no place to go.  

Ironman Kansas seemed an unlikely place for Jim to turn his fortune around.  As a Tiger, he hates Lawrence to begin with.  Lawrence has also been the site of two of his most embarrassing races, losing to COZ twice because, quoting George Costanza, "The sea was angry that day, my friends - like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli."

Well, Jim's pain cave paid off with a little Royals like June magic and Ironman Kansas 2014 turned out to be his best race ever.   Jim finished 6th in his age group and 62nd overall with a time of 4:38:05.  That was good enough to qualify Jim for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblant, Canada.  Shortly behind* Jim were fellow Bulls, Bob Schloegel with a 4:39.20, good for 4th Place Age Group, Mark Montalto at 16th Age Group with a 4:45:12, Jimmy Montalto with a 19th Age group and time of 4:47:38, Luke Wilson with a 20th Age Group and time of 4:53:27, and Mike Malfer with a time of 4:58:01.   Steve Cosentino also participated in the "Don't Let Jim Lap You" portion of the race. 

Congrats to all the Bulls for a great showing at Ironman Kansas and Jim for taking his game to a whole new level!

*no sh_t.  It was a good race. Jim should have his taint bronzed.

Jim Myers, Ironnman Pro  Laura Siddall  of Great Britain, Mike Malfer and Steve Cosentino

Jim Myers, Ironnman Pro Laura Siddall of Great Britain, Mike Malfer and Steve Cosentino