Every Man Left Behind - Running with the Cows Version

Never underestimate the power of running a race carrying a stick with a race time on it.  On May 10, our faithful run pacer duo of Mark and Jimmy Montalto participated in the annual Running with the Cows half marathon with fellow Bull, Tony Zink.  The Montaltos were undoubtedly torn between keeping their assigned pace of 1:35 and finishing with Zink.  Of course, they did the right thing and in keeping with our motto, "Every Man Left Behind!" they left Tony a few minutes back at 1:38. Tony did have the distinction of being the first Bull to race in the awesome new Kit. [CORRECTION:  in Kansas City - See Tri Zou below]  Also, congrats to Future Bull and recent high school graduate, Henry Zink who was close behind at 1:42.  "Pretty fast for a little s_ _ _," commented Luke Wilson.