Doug Campbell Starts the Cyclocross Season Strong

Fueled on a variety of healthy snacks provided by Mike Sommers, Doug Campbell hit the cyclocross circuit in full force. Doug won the 60+ races on both days of the McPherson Cross on September 7th and 8th. He followed that strong performance with third place overall in the 60-64 age group after three days of racing at Jingle Cross in Iowa City on September 13th, 14th and 15th. Great start, Doug.

Good luck to Jim Myers and Luke Wilson who are headed to Kona to duke it out at the Ironman World Championships.

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Doug Campbell Takes 2nd At Perry Dam Age Group Championship

After hosting a well attended Bulls party, Doug Campbell prolonged his visit back to KC to participate in the Perry Dam Age Group Championship. Doug took 2nd in his age group and 4th place overall in an 8 loop jaunt. Edd Pineda rode strong until a mechanical took him out of the race on loop 7. Congrats to Friends of the Bulls, Michelle Lingensfelser and Yulia Roos who took 1st and 2nd in the women’s race.

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Somers Gets the Goblet at DK

Mike Somers proved he can outdo the Energizer Bunny with another stellar performance at the Dirty Kanza.  Mike finished in 18:36:30 for 33rd place in his age group.  This was Mike's 5th DK and he won the coveted Goblet awarded to 5 time finishers of the DK.  Congrats also to FOB's Danny Roos, Yulia Roos and Greg McKean who bounced back from a horrendous DK crash last year.


Luke and Jim Qualify for Kona Again at Ironman Texas

Luke Wilson and Jim Myers once again qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona with excellent performances at Ironman Texas.  Myers placed 7th in his age group with a  1:10:34 swim, a 4:51:05 bike and a 3:28:04 run for a total time of 9:37:48.  Luke placed 12th in his age group with a 1:04:12 swim, a 4:48:37 bike and a 3:57:27 run.  Congrats!  Once a Bull, always a Bull.


Luke and Jim and Bob Qualify for Boston

Luke Wilson and Jim Myers ditched their bikes for a bit and focused on their running prowess.  The two participated in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this Saturday, November 3.  Jim took 25th in their division with a time of 3:12:19 for a 7:21 pace.  Luke took 23rd in the division with a time of 3:10:47 for a 7:17 pace, avenging his loss to Myers in at the Kansas City Half Marathon.  Both Bulls qualified for the Boston Marathon. Who says Kansas City athletes can’t fare well in sports in Indy.  Meanwhile, Bob Schloegel ran 3:14:14 at the NYC Marathon on Sunday, qualifying for Boston himself.  Bob came in 2,579th place, which sounds weak until you consider that the race had 52,704 runners.


Campbell Returns to Kansas to Take 1st at Kansas Cyclocross Championships

Although we all were pretty sure that Doug Campbell moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, he was spotted in KCK at the aptly named Radler Cross Kansas State Masters Championships..  Doug took first place in his division, proudly representing the Bulls on the podium.  We are told that he has returned to New Mexico and can be found parked at a lake outside of Santa Fe.


Bulls on Parade at KC Marathon


Jim Myers knew he had Luke Wilson beat at the 2018 KC Marathon.  He finished well ahead of the Hamster with a time of 1:29:06 to Luke’s 1:32.01 in the half marathon.  However post race results showed Wilson as the victor in the 45-49 age group.  Now we all know that Myers’ pre-race preparation ritual is so refined that he wouldn’t have made an error like forgetting his chip.  Fortunately for Myers, the results were corrected the next day and he won the division, joining Bob Schloegel who won his age group with a time of 1:30:09.  Sandy Cohen participated in the 10k finishing 7th in his division.

Montalto Brothers Swim Through Adversity to Excel at Ironman Wisconsin

The swim didn’t start so well for Jimmy Montalto at Ironman Wisconsin. Gina Montalto reported, “Jimmy’s goggles broke early in the swim so he hurt his back swimming trying to keep his face above water.” Jimmy adjusted well as Gina reported during the race, “He’s hurting but pushing through on the run. Hopefully, he’ll loosen it up and come back on the run.” That he did, finishing with a time of 11:23:04 consisting of a swim of 1:06:29, a bike of 5:40:44 and a run of 4:25:27 for 28th in his age group. He didn’t, however, come back enough to best his brother, Mark Montalto, who finished in 10:56:58 with a swim of 1:06:29, a bike of 5:36:00, and a run of 4:04:40. Mark took 18th in his age group. Nice job boys. Outstanding effort working through the goggle challenge and carrying all of that beard weight for 10 plus hours. Fellow bull, Jim Myers, may be upset that Jimmy used his original head out of the water swimming style that he perfected at the Jackson County Triathlon over ten years ago. Jimmy may need to visit Bulls’ official eye doctor, Mike Sommers, after all that goggle free time in the reservoir. Get well soon wishes to our fellow Bull, Sam Kukendall, for a speedy recovery after a serious bike crash Thursday involving a grossly negligent young driver.

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COZ Shows his Patriotic Side in Jeremy Katzenberg Memorial Triathlon


COZ returned to his Northland roots Sunday, participating in the Jeremy Katzenberger Memorial Triathlon at Weatherby Lake. The race honors Staff Sgt. Jeremy Katzenberger who at the age of 26 was killed by enemy forces during a heavy firefight while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. This is a very well supported event raising money for the Sua Sponte Foundation to support the families of those lost in combat.

COZ was told beforehand to go road bike on this race because it very hilly with many turns around the lake and very few flat sections. That applied on the run as well making this one of the more challenging courses, rivaling Innsbrook in St. Louis. COZ took 5th of 20 in his age group and 19th overall with a time of 1:14:40.


Myers and Pineda Grind to Podium in Kansas Time Trial Championshp

KS TT.jpg

Jim Myers and Edd Pineda traveled to Medora, Kansas to participate in the 2018 Kansas State Time Trial Championships.   They faced significant adverse conditions with a major  headwind on the second half of the course and 18 miles of gravely road repair.  Notwithstanding these challenges, the two Bulls represented well with Jim taking first place in the Masters 35+ category and 5th overall while Edd took 2nd in the Masters 50+ category. 

Edd Takes First at Missouri State Time Trial Championship


Edd Pineda and Steve Cosentino made the trek to Centralia, Missouri for the 2018 Missouri State Championship Time Trial on August 4.  The duo was a bit worried that the weight of COZ's time trial bike (with Jim Myers' original Renn FiveSevenFive disc) coupled with Bob Schloegel's Kona special Cervelo triathlon bike borrowed by Edd would cause the front wheels of COZ's Fiat to lift off the ground.  Nonetheless, the two did make it to the race intact.  

On a windy day with a tad bumpy TT course, Edd ran away from the pack taking first place in the Masters 50-54 race  with a time of 1:00:39 on the 25 mile course.  Edd's victory was so outstanding that he scared the others off of the podium.  Unfortunately, because Edd is a resident of the State of Kansas, he was not crowned the Missouri State Time Trial Champion in his age group.  That distinction went to a guy he beat.  COZ was happy not to podium because it would have made public the fact that he resides in Kansas. 

Greig DeBow takes 2nd and Edd takes 4th At the Jesse Blancarte 10K Time Trial

On another warm day Greig and Edd went to the Jesse Blancarte with hopes of improving over last year. Both were racing 2 TTs one for category and one for Masters. The first TT was the CAT 4 TT where Greig laid down a great time of 14:18:66 taking second place to a former Triathlete Aylln Smith. The second TT was Masters where Aylln Smith won the Masters 50+ leaving Edd off the podium with a forth place finish.

Greig DeBow, Coz and Edd Pineda Race in the Perry Lake Road Race State Category Championships - Cosponsored by the Bulls

May 12th was the the start of it's summer time in KC. This effected all of the racers across the board. Social media was lighting up with stories of cramps in this race. The Bulls cosponsoring this race also allowed the team to experience giveback to the cycling community and putting on a great event in the process with the race director and the other cosponsors. Coz raced in CAT 5 taking 7th place.  Greig raced in Masters 40+ taking 4th place. Edd raced in Maters 50+ taking 4th place.

Grip N Rip had the numbers, there's strength in numbers...not this time. Bike Shack numbering 2 started the yo-yo attacks from the start whistle.. About 8 miles in one of the Bike Shack guys took off and the group let him go thinking he would not last by him self for the remaining 50 miles. That left the rest of the group including the Women CAT1,2,3 group what we were racing with. Within the first 3 miles of the second lap the remaining group split due to a hard surge up a hill leaving 6 in the chase group (5 guys {the other Bike Shack rider} and 1 gal). Half way through the second lap Edd convinced the group that it was time to catch the break away Bike Shack rider. Through the effort required to catch the break away rider and the heat, riders started falling off leaving 3 guy chasers. Going into the second to the final turn about 1 mile from the finish the group caught the break away rider.

Greig and Edd score 1st and 2nd place at Bruce Edwards/Gelnda Taylor Memorial TT

Edd Flatt 2.jpg

On a cooler wet drizzly morning, Greig and Edd ventured to Easton, KS for the Bruce Edwards / Glenda Taylor Memorial 10 TT. While both Greig and Edd had a rough first TT (Masters), Greig nailed 1st place and Edd scrapped enough out of the tank to get 2nd place in their respective AGs. With both Bulls now warmed up and looking forward to the second TT (CAT4) where they would race "together" starting a minute apart, it was not to be for Edd. He flatted shortly after the turn around point.

Greig's faster time in the second TT secured 1st place for him. Edd did finish the TT walking it in and with a time that we can't post here (it's a family site).

Jason Fitzhugh Flys on the Bike at Ironman Texas

Jason Fitzhugh finished Ironman Texas in 9:53:45, placing 19th in his age group.  That included a swim of 1:05:33, a run of 3:57:17 and a bike of 4:41:55.  Of course there were many complaints about drafting due to the limited number of race officials on the course, but we are at least somewhat sure that Jason's bike is legit given that he is not particularly an early riser and often does long training sessions on his own. Nice job in a whacky race!

IM Texas.jpg

Edd Pineda Takes 1st Place - How Bazzar

On a colder day with snow, sleet and rain in the forecast, Edd braved the weather to participate in the Bazaar Road race. The temperature at start time was 36 degrees F with a steady wind speed of 15 mph. This 48 miles race course in a C shape route (meaning a 16 miles head wind, 24 miles tail wind and 8 miles finishing with a head wind). With the conditions as they were, the Masters 50+ group was not in the mood for the typical cat and mouse tactics that normally take place on the first 16 miles of this course. While the riders also enjoyed a light sleet for 1/2 of the race, the popcorn for the show wasn't popped and ready until 10 miles to the finish, when the riders started testing the legs of their fellow riders. While riders tested, the group stayed together. At 1.5 miles to go, the fake sprints started, again testing the other riders readiness. With about 1/2 a mile to go at the moment of a lull of a fake sprint, Edd started his sprint to the finish line. Edd was able to hold off the strong field finishing 1st.


Greig and Edd Launch the 2018 Season with Podium Finishes at Perry Dam


While both Greig and Edd missed the 1st week of the 3 race series, they ended up on the podium for Masters 40+ and Masters 50+ for the series overall. The excitement centered around race 3 of the series. Unlike race 2, the officials grouped the Master 40+, 50+ and 60+ together, giving Greig and Edd the opportunity to race together. This grouping turned out to be an advantage for both the Bike Shack Team and the Bulls. The course is a 5 mile circuit race with a 1/2 mile hill at the end of the circuit. Half way up the hill on lap 3, two CAT 2 Bike Shack team members made a break. The rest of the group thought they wouldn't stay away, but we were wrong, so it became a race for 3rd overall. On the final lap coming out of turn two, a Bike Shack rider had a small gap which Edd quickly bridged. Looking back Edd noticed that Greig had quickly moved to the front of the remaining group and had slowed the group down to allow the gap to grow slightly. With this gap, Edd wound it up and dropped the Bike Shack rider giving Edd a clean 3rd place overall race finish and a 2nd place AG finish for that race. Greig ensured that he captured a 2nd place AG finish for the race. When the points for the series were totaled, Greig and Edd had 3rd place for their age groups. Nice riding, boys!


Malfer and Wilson Torch Each Other at Ironman Arizona

Luke Wilson came out of retirement to participate with Mike Malfer in the 2017 Ironman Arizona.  Meanwhile, the Bulls followed the race from afar with exciting updates from Jim Myers.  What looked to be a possible sprint finish ended a bit prematurely but with strong performances from both Malfer and Wilson.  Malfer took 14th in the division with a swim of 1:01:46, a bike of 4:55:13 and a run of 4:12:54 for a total time of 10:17:15. Wilson had a swim of 1:04:56, a bike of 4:54:39, and a run of 4:26:02 for a total time of 10:31:46. No reason the President can't be the only one to get ahead of himself in a twitter feed.  Myers' coverage below:

myers twitter feed.jpg