Training as Friends - Racing with Rage



Raging Bull Racing was formed in 2010 by local athletes Sandy Cohen, Todd Johnson and Luke Wilson. Sandy, Todd and Luke are accomplished cyclists and triathletes with numerous overall and age group triathlon wins in local regional and national races, including top 10 finishes and USAT Nationals and qualification for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

While Sandy, Todd and Luke enjoy training and racing, they also value the friendships they made through sport. Raging Bull Racing was formed for the dual purpose of creating a competitive racing team and building camaraderie amongst local racers and competitors. 2011 is Raging Bull Racing’s second year of racing under the team name, though most of the team’s members have been involved in the sports of triathlon and cycling for over 10 years.

Team Membership

Raging Bull Racing consists of 24 team members as of 2013.  While its membership is diverse, each member of Raging Bull Racing shares a passion for triathlons, swimming, running  and cycling. The members of Raging Bull Racing all reside in the Kansas City area and are active in the local race scene. Members also compete in high visibility races all around the country. Membership ranges from men in their early 30's up to 50 years old. All of the team members work, live, lead and maintain an active role in the Kansas City community. A brief snapshot of industries team members work in includes: Medicine, Legal Services, Media, Money Management and Insurance. Several team members are business owners and influential within their industry. The team as a whole is extremely visible in the triathlon and cycling community and viewed as influential, healthy and fit


  • Luke Wilson - President
  • Sandy Cohen - Vice President - Media Relations
  • Todd Johnson - Vice President
  • Jim Myers - Litigation Counsel - Sponsorship Director
  • Steve Cosentino - IP Counsel - Website Director
  • Tony Zink, John Riley, Pat Donnelly - Team Physicians
  • Rick Pysher - Training Director
  • Hal Shapiro - Travel Director
  • Brad Meara - Managing Member - St. Louis Chapter

  • Sponsorship

    Raging Bull Racing takes pride in its excellent sponsors.  We encourage our members to support our sponsors in a variety of ways.  Our current sponsors are: